Day One

No picture today, just words.  Important words.

I am starting an exercise challenge today.  What does this mean?  It means I will purposefully and mindfully move my body in an aggressive and determined way intended to create a more healthful state of being both physically and emotionally for the next 28 days straight.  Or.  I will work out every (most) day(s) starting now.  I am doing this to jump start myself back on my exercise habit, the habit that has slowly lost it's way over the past year or so.  I think if I put it out there and make it a "thing" I will have no choice but to do this.

I will, however, take a day "off" every 5 or 6 days just so I don't injure myself.  It is good to take a day of rest, ask anybody.  On my days "off"  I will purposefully and mindfully move my body in a less aggressive and not so determined way....blah blah...I will stretch for ten minutes......sound good?

So, come on people!  We can do this!!  I got my inspiration from some of you who are putting it out there on Facebook, and strangers, who I have seen every day on my dog walks, running by me red-faced and determined.  I have said to myself, "enough messing around, I want me some of that"!  I want to work hard, feel good and look good.

Are you in?  If you made a resolution and maybe you never quite got it going fully, the way you said you would or the way you really want to or maybe you have always been an exerciser and you just want to kick it up a notch further, join me!

I sound like an infomercial.

But seriously!  JOIN ME!!!!  START NOW!

Leave me a message if you need a more personalized pep talk.....;)

PS If you are not now or have never been an active person, start slowly, use common sense, talk to your doctor.  I am not a qualified anything to tell you what to do with your health or how to do it.  It's just little ol' me, being the cheerleader that I have always been!

So proceed with caution and COMMON SENSE!


  1. I too have started to try to get back in shape. I don't have a scale but my pants are tight and my butt is not where I left it back in September. I think I've worked out twice. It's hard. I can do half of what I did before and I am just exhausted. I am hoping this will help my mood, alleviate migraines and stress, and make me feel like a cheetah on the soccer field and tennis court again. Thanks for sharing Danette.

    1. Hurray hurray!!! Let's do it. Wanna hike? What time do you drop off your littlest one?

      You are such a determined athlete it will be so easy for you.



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