A Priceless Moment

For Christmas we got an Xbox--really--and a new TV--a big 'ish one--so yeah, it's a lot of Dance Central 3 (I'm the master) and Lips (that's karaoke) and a bit of some football game or a waterboat race (kinda fun) happening around here.  But, the best is that with all of that action and newness and, well, opportunity for the girls to just be on electronics all weekend, they instead choose to do this....

.........yes, that is the box that the TV came in and they are making a fort for their bedroom.
They are busy stringing beads for the door.

I love that they wanted to do that and I didn't have to pry the controller out of their sweaty little hands.

I feel like I am doing something right.  Just a little bit.


  1. i completely love this right along with you! What a great mom! :-)

    1. Thanks Grace Ann. Right now they are vegging out in front of Saturday morning TV. There is balance!
      I saw your new blog.....so exciting.


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