Losing Focus?

Before the first of the year I was on fire....working hard and getting a lot done.  I employed my timer method, which is 15 minutes on the computer and 15 minutes off to get work done around the house or whatever else you have to do, back and forth, it works really well, and saves your back from sitting in a chair for too long. 

But, at the moment I am incredibly distracted by Facebook and Pinterest (which is so crazy fun!).  
Oh and don't forget Instagram (love) and Twitter.  Social media over kill. 

As much as I love it all, I do think it's important to actually call up a friend and go out somewhere and meet them for coffee and have a REAL conversation, in the real world, and turn off the phone.....after I Instagram a pic of my coffee and brownie to Twitter and Facebook of course.  Hahaha!

Anyhoo, I have to get back on track.  I will pull out my timer and my "Action Day Planner" for 2012 which has barely a chicken scratch on it--shameful--and get back to work.  Work is good, it is satisfying, it occupies your mind and your hands and, if it is something you love to do, your soul.  
So, I am about to get focused up in here.  Watch out!

Sometimes, however, losing focus is good.  
I found this pic while looking for something else, from an old file last summer. 
It distracted me but in a good way.

          The two of them, break my heart, with their sweet little faces, and silly short hair cuts.

Ok, back to work. 
 Leave me a comment and let me know what you do to stay on track, I really want to hear.

Happy hump day.

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