Pulling It Back Together

A moment of peace.

The house is clean, the laundry done, I know what's for dinner and the girls are busy with their homework.

I had an awesome shoot yesterday with a very happy client, I have two shoots coming up at the end of this week and even more throughout February lined up (hurray!).  I am headed in a good direction with a plan.

I feel rested and calm.  I guess I needed ALL of January to recuperate from the holidays--who knew!?

At any rate, I feel like I can say "here we go" again and this time mean it.

Oh!  PS the pic above is our new bedroom, we switched rooms with our girls and gave them the big room.  This is a quick shot I took while in the middle of putting everything back together....you can even see the hammer that I was using.  We are loving it, it's so cozy, I sleep like a rock.  As soon as I am all done with the finishing touches, I will share more pics with you.

Happy Tuesday!

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