Butterfly Rescue

Today we rescued a butterfly.  The poor thing had a torn wing and was fluttering around on our closed window, trapped inside, and our very young and enthusiastic kitty cat was tearing up the curtains, literally, trying to catch it.  My sweet little girls were screaming that Penny The Menace (the cat) was going to "KILL IT! and EAT IT! and we can't just stand by and let that happen!!  Mom, DO something!" (as only 8 and 5 year olds can)  So we got the cat out of the room and we made a bed of leaves and flowers and we put a twig under the butterfly and the butterfly calmed down long enough for us to get the screen off the window and get the butterfly back over to the window, very gently of course and without touching the wings--you should never touch a butterfly's wings you know--and we quietly left the room and shut the door and let the butterfly have her own space before she fluttered off.  You would think that it would be hard for two little girls to let go of such a magical creature as a butterfly but they were so completely satisfied and proud of themselves, I could tell, that their butterfly had flown on and was safe and happy out there in the world.

And I am completely satisfied and proud of myself for raising such thoughtful and selfless little girls.  

Happy Tuesday.

Tomorrow we will take you someplace....in the city.

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