Our First Date

I said we would go somewhere and we went somewhere.  Niko Niko. 

We traveled with the cool kids on the block--how cute are they--ridin' hard through the city in their Sporty Spice dresses!?--and hit one of our favorite sushi joints in the city. Very fresh fish, the perfect size cuts.  An excellent combination of traditional sushi with a lot of interesting specialty rolls.  Very sweet waitresses. No trendy, cranky attitudes from anyone, even the sushi guys at the bar are always happy to see us and have a friendly smile and don't get annoyed when I ask them to substitute cucumber for the avocado in one of their most delicious rolls (see below).
The Albacore Tempura Roll!

It is a spicy tuna roll with cucumber (instead of avocado), topped with albacore tempura and then some creamy sauce I don't even know what. The perfect combination of tender and crispy and sweet and salty.  
Our youngest is a freak for salmon sushi.  
Not so much for the chopsticks, but she keeps trying.
Ok, so she gave up, how long can you expect a 5 year old to wait for her fist bite of something so yummy?
Not long I tell you.  There's that roll again.......by the way that was the first one.  We ordered a second.  BOGO half off.  Seriously.

Happy Monday.  I'm hungry.

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