Pulling It Together

Happy New Year.  I am excited for 2013.  Of course I am always excited for the new year.  I love the idea of a clean slate.  A fresh start.  Starting anew.  I have been thinking of what the new year holds for me and my family and the phrase that keeps coming to mind is..."the year of living differently"...I live well now and we have a good, happy life, but there are most definitely some changes I want to make.  Little changes that will produce big results.

Here are just a few changes that I am looking forward to: Organize my home and create a peaceful and inspirational space for me and my family, get a better sense of what I want this blog to be, become a better photographer, create photos and paintings that are a sincere expression of my vision, spend meaningful time with my kids.

So, here we go, straighten our ties, put on some sparkle and be ready for what 2013 has in store and what we can create for ourselves.  What's on your slate?  I want to know.


PS The photo is from the Holiday pics I did of the girls.  I will most definitely post the session soon.


  1. Happy New Year! Love your blog and love this post! My goals this year are to continue on my quest to find happy every day, to create a meaningful career path for myself, be a better person (all around)and a better friend, and have fun in the process.


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