All Quiet Here

The girls are doing their first week of summer camp.  Today is only the second day all summer that I have been without them.  I have to say it has been glorious---both having a full day to myself and the fact that I get to spend the whole summer with them.

Just in case I might miss them too much I spent some time going through old photos.  As usual, I was looking for something specific but got distracted--imagine that--and found these sweet pics of Audrey running around in a new (hand-me-down) fairy dress.  I don't know if she would even put on a fairy dress right now, or if she would think she was "too old for that", boo hoo, my babies are growing up.

It's bittersweet.


  1. Bittersweet indeed. ENJOY the time off tho!

  2. Such sweet photos! You are very blessed to have such lovely little ones. :-)


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