Day 8--Resting

How is the  exercise challenge going for you?  Yesterday and today I am taking a rest.  It is not in line with the rules I set for myself but I am a bit under the weather and I have been for awhile but have kind of powered through and I finally decided to give it a rest and get well.  I will do some push-ups and stretching later for sure and then back to the hiking tomorrow.  Overall I am pretty happy with it so far.  I am really excited about the online support I have been getting and also seeing others join in.

Here is a great app for running....http://runkeeper.com/.

It is a lot of fun and talks to you during your run (walk) and it will play music as well, sends you messages with your times and pace and personal best---easy to set it all up.  I am going to try out some others and will fill you in.  But, try it, use it!  It's very motivating and you can post it on Facebook and show off your pace!!  Haha, my pace is nothing to brag about, it is all uphill though!  Well, except for the downhill part.

Anyway, I am hoping to finish out this week with the hikes and runs (walks) and then next week start mixing in some weight training.  Great plan, right?

What is your plan?  Tell me all about it.  I really do want to hear.  And, as usual, if you need some more personal motivation send me a message.

Have a great rainy Wednesday!

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  1. Well, I finally jumped on the bandwagon. Been to the gym once and walked home from work today (an hour's walk!). Going to the gym on Thursday too. On my off gym days I take at least a 45 minute walk. Thanks for the inspiration!


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