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A couple of months ago I met a network of women who have started their own business.  We met at an Incubator Workshop offered by the group, Ladies Who Launch (I will tell you more about that next week).  I have since started photographing these women in their work space, office or studio and have done a portrait for them for their website and for marketing purposes.  First up is a lovely woman who is an organizer extraordinaire, I know because she worked magic on my desk and work area and the girls' homework area.  She came in to my home and listened and looked and asked a few questions and then with grace and speed and instinct she (we) got right to work and before I knew it we were done and I had a fresh new approach to where and how and why I had the little things of my daily life in the places that they were in and it works and it is still (a month later) working for me!  I love it!

So, Amanda is her name and Simplify is her game. 

.......and here she is in all her loveliness and graciousness and beautiful positivity-ness......

We did a lot of variations so she could have a lot to choose from.

Her space was veryrrrrrry tidy.

I was a bit envious of the view.
Just a little.

She also offers interior design.  Her place was well pulled together.  
Clean, spare, neutral and calm but with splashes of color and warmth and vibrancy.
I wish I would have taken more pics of her place.  Dang it!

Micheal Kors said white roses are always a sure thing.
I know, so random, but I read that recently.
Amanda seems to be in the know.

Her stationary is perfectly simple.

And just for fun, some sassy fun shots!

One of my favorites.

That's a lot of pics, but my mom said I should include more pictures in my posts, she doesn't like it when there are only one or two.  But maybe she just meant when I do a post about her grandkids.....hhmmmm.  
I also wanted to show you that when I shoot I really make an effort to try a lot of different things and I am never trying to rush through and discourage a client from trying on different outfits, locations, hairstyles and general vibe-e-ness.  We have fun, we take our time and most importantly, NO PRESSURE!

Happy Thursday!

Oh, and check out Amanda's newsletter link, you will find orgainzing tips galore.

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