Flower Friday In Chicago

Look at that, isn't she beautiful?  That's Chicago.  
We went this summer for a visit and fell in love!  Not enough to leave MY city but still.    
I did take a lot of flower photos and they are some of the prettiest ones ever.


How lucky was I that this little bee decided to land on this pretty little 
Marguerite Daisy right at the time that I was about to start shooting?  

A field of sunshine.
In the city.

One brave little soldier.

She's brave too.
But more quietly so.

And that's it for Flower Friday.

Oh!  Here are two of my new favorite blogs.

I don't even know who "even" is.  Just go have a look.  Make a cup of tea and go to this site and browse and read and look and let the simplicity and the depth of it calm you down and make you want to do better.

Elsie is a very busy beautiful mess.  
There is a new post at least every day and it is not just fluff, not that there is anything wrong with fluff, and there is just so much to look at and read and do and it is all done very well.
And she, and her crew, remind me to be young.
And they are all way cute.

Happy Friday!

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