Putting My Skills To The Test

Me and my family!  At a local 'ish park.  Just the four of us, some cute outfits, a tripod, and the timer setting on my camera!!!

It was really fun, even though I got mad at my kids because they were goofing off so much, but WHY did I get mad, they were so stinkin' cute with their silly faces and big laughs.  I love them.  I will never get mad at them again.

So, here are just a few from the day.

Kinda 70's, no?

Oh, I love this one.

My three favorite peeps.

Silly girls.

Pretty girls.

Oh man, just love those two.  So much sweet energy.

If you need some family pics send me an e-mail or leave a comment.  I still have weekend space available and a very good Holiday special happening right now.

Also, coming up this week I have pics from a family shoot with an adorable 1 year old and I have some more Women In Business pics and a super hot head shot session.
Stay tuned.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Would you ever consider meeting somewhere in the middle to take our family pics? Or at least pics of Brynn? Would love to know

  2. Of course!! Send me an e-mail and we can chat.


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