Throwback Thursday-Sick Day 2011

I don't know if this "Throwback Thursday" stuff is only meant for Instagram.....or even how back you are meant to throw.  When I take photos of my girls I sometimes grab the camera, take a few pics and then forget about them.  But when I come upon them later I am taken aback by the beauty of them-not the photos themselves, but the memory of the day.

This was the end of the school year and both girls were home sick (which rarely happens anymore) I think maybe I had to go and pick them up.  My girls look so little here, with their sweet little faces and short haircuts.  Audrey still has her cute little chubby cheeks and arms.  Piper was 8 and now, as of yesterday, she is 10.  That seems like such a huge jump, even though it's only two little years that flew by so fast.

There is something fun about sick days, well if you aren't too sick I mean.  It's a day off, to rest, watch TV,  do drawings, skip school, take casual nature walks, eat cereal with your little stuffed friends, and let your momma take care of you.  All day.

A little angel sleeping.


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