And Here We Go!

Hi!  We had a really nice holiday season and winter break.  Everyone here now is back to work and back to school and the house is quiet again.  I am starting to come down from the constant buzz I have had for the past month.  I know I am a little behind, but I still want to share a few pics from Christmas because I love these, they are my favs from the day.

Piper is really into spying at the moment....she says she wants to be a writer when she grows up and so she has to spy on everyone to get juicy material to write about......she really got hooked up with some LOL spy gear, including a trench coat, hat and a slew of mustaches!  Talk about a good disguise.

She also wanted a real typewriter for the writing part.....how cool is that?!

This is not our dog.  Our dog is afraid of cameras.  Say wha'?

But he sure is cute and sweet.

The weather has been warm and sunny and fabulous but I am ready for the rain and the cold (well, if you can call it that).  I like winter to be as close to a real winter as possible, ya know?

I will be back tomorrow with a pretty flower pic or two and maybe a coupla resolutions or something.  
A belated Happy Holiday to everyone, I hope yours was swell.  

I look forward to spending a lot more time here.  With you.


  1. I really love that she wanted a typewriter!!! Very cool! & her disguises are fabulous! Would love to read her stories as she begins to write.


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