Be Careful What You Ask For

I said I wanted to do Holiday Family Portraits this year for those other than my own family, I said I wanted to start working more with creative and powerful women (and men).  I went ahead and told everyone I know and asked them to tell everyone they know and what do you know.....if you build it they will come.  Amazing what we can make happen if we try.  I am having an unexpected moment of self-pride here.  Hold on.

Ok, I'm back.  The thing is I never dreamed they would come so quickly and so plentifully and regardless of the title of this post. I AM NOT COMPLAINING!  Ok, well, I have complained a bit but I am just realizing how absurd it is to complain when I am getting exactly what I wanted.
So there. No more complaining.

One of my most fun shoots over the past two (three) weeks was of a girl and her horse.  Julie and Brillante, both of them so beautiful and bright.  Julie is a designer of some of the most gorgeous handbags I have ever seen-truly.  She is also a lover of horses and gives to a charity that is very special to her.  She wanted some shots of her and Brillante for her website to integrate her work and her love of horses.

Here is just a small sampling of the 100's of pictures we took that day.

My favorite....

....my most favorite......

...my most, most favorite.....

...and my most, most, MOST favorite.

I told you they are both beautiful

I will be back with links to her websites, I have to run and I don't want to put this post off any longer!!!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. These pics are amazing.... What a beautiful animal .. she's very beautiful too... I am so happy for you and so very proud of you too.. luv ya


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