Too Cute & A Dude

Here are a few from last weeks head shot sessions...........

First up, the cutest girl ever!

Very smart.

(need to retouch that wayward hair, but it is one of the cutest we took that day, I think)
(ok, no, I think this is one of the cutest, love that 70's cool vibe)
I say cool but 10 seconds later she was a total goof ball.

And then, this guy, a hay bailer from Indiana, my home state. A family man. 
Super sweet and kinda rough around the edges.

Looks like an unpolished Tom Cruise.  I use "unpolished" as a compliment.

  He wanted some character shots, hence the werewolf from True Blood look.  
I love it!  

And last but not least, a little bit of crazy.  
Don't worry, he's pretending.

Need some pics done? Send me a line and I'll schedule you in.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. your head shots are great!! that girl is so pretty!



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