Stop The Car

The next time you are driving the Ortega Highway (the 74 from San Juan Capistrano to Riverside 'ish area) and you are feeling very hungry and keeping an eye out for, I don't know, maybe something like an In-N-Out Burger (not that that's what WE were looking for), STOP looking for the In-N-Out Burger and start looking for The LOOKOUT Roadhouse and then STOP THE CAR!

There will be motorcycles.....

....and handsome men in suits reading papers.
(Okay maybe not every time you're there.)

Frosty beer mugs--this alone can make me love a restaurant.

A quiet corner seat with a view.
They have an outdoor patio with an amazing view but Rebecca said it was bee season.
So we sat inside.
The very best, lovely, sincere, sweetest service ever.  It was more than service.  
She was our guide through a marvelous afternoon of fun, relaxation and truly some of the BEST food ever.
Rebecca, you are awesome.

Speaking of food, you must order the mushrooms.  The best I have ever had.  Succulent and garlicky and buttery and perfectly spiced (a bit of oregano and onion and pepper I think).  
The broth was divine and I never use that word.

And then the ribs came and I am sorry I do not have a great pic of the ribs.  We dove in so quickly and lost our minds and only remembered to take a pic mid-meal. 
Do you see those soft hot buttered buns and the pinto beans and the tender and crispy but not at all burnt fried potatoes that are exactly like my papa used to make?

Yes, we had dessert too. But no I don't have a picture of it.  
We were fighting over who would get the most bites of the best boysenberry pie ever and neither one of us would put the fork down long enough to pick up the camera.  
Rest assured it was the perfect temperature, warmed through but not too hot, the crust was buttery and lightly flaky and not at all greasy. It was topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and fresh whipped cream.  
It was a big beautiful mess.

So go....by yourself, with your friends, on a date, for someone's birthday lunch.....just go.  
As soon as you can, it's worth the drive.  

Good Food...Good Friends...Good times......

We will be back there soon.

Oh, I almost forgot, there is one important rule.

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  1. I love your pics-you have a real eye for it. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll be sure to post whatever I do to my hair! ha....I hope I have the guts to cut it all off.


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