Let's Rethink This

Well, I kind of dropped the ball on my little posting challenge, didn't I?  No worry, I will just start again and cut myself a bit of slack......how about three times a week for the time being and then if I have something so terribly, earth-shatteringly important to say or to show you, I can throw in an extra day or two?

Sound good?  Good, thought you would think so.

Here's the good news (not that there is any bad news), I have been really busy taking some nice pics.

Look who's pretty.

I just now decided that I won't say too much about these pics and just let you see.

I will say though, that this was a really fun shoot to do.....

....easy and breezy and everything flowed very calmly and naturally......

....and prettily.

Happy Tuesday, see you next month.

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