Flower Friday In Tan And Red

Not really a flower, I know, but I make the rules here.
And I like it, Audrey brought it home.

Also, a new thing, a few of my favorite blogs for you to check out this weekend.

Tara is an amazing photographer, she works from the heart and she is really who has inspired me to look more closely at family portraits.

I have just discovered this gal, Bri.  I like her.  She finds cute and clever items and happenings to post about.  She has mad style and shares some great fashion photos and she is happy and industrious and ambitious in a fun, good way. 

Pure love and happiness and positivity and humor all day long.  I visit Katie for a daily burst of rainbows and hearts and sunshine and cute pics of her cat--Moo.

Now, if I could only figure out how to leave a blog list on the side over there.
It will happen.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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